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2014 State of the City Speech (Mayor)

Absenteeism Policy (Mayor)
Admin Aerial Banner (Mayor)
Admin Carnival Requeest (Mayor)
Administration Division (Police Department)
Administrative Coordinator (Police Department)
Advertisements (Engineering)
Aerial Banner Request (Mayor)
Anonymous Crime Tips (Police Department)
Application (Civil Service)
Arbor Day 2014 Pictures (Engineering)
Arbor Day 2015 Pictures (Engineering)
Arbor Day 2016 Pictures (Engineering)
Arbor Day 2017 Pictures (Engineering)
Arbor Day 2018 Pictures (Engineering)
Arbor Day 2019 (Engineering)
Auxiliary Unit (Police Department)

Bid Documents (Engineering)
Bill Smuckler (City Council)
Board and Commission Appt Policy (Mayor)
Brenda Kimbrough (City Council)

Canton City Council Mtg. Agendas (City Council)
Canton City Council Mtg. Minutes (City Council)
Canton History (-root-)
Canton Memorial Civic Center (Civic Center)
Capital Improvement Projects (Engineering)
Carnival Reqistration Request (Mayor)
Catalog (Merchandise)
Cellular Phone Use Policy (Mayor)
Centennial Plaza Project (-root-)
Chris Smith (City Council)
Christine Schulman (City Council)
Citizen Academy (Police Department)
City Council (City Council)
City Employee Forms (Human Resources)
City Maps (Engineering)
City Statistics (-root-)
Civil Engineering (Engineering)
Civil Service (Civil Service)
Civil Service - Commission (Civil Service)
Civil Service Test Questions (Civil Service)
Clerk of Council Office (City Council)
Collective Bargaining Agreements (Human Resources)
Committee List (City Council)
Community Events Calendar (Calendar)
Community Reinvestment Area - Tax Abatement Program (Mayor)
Community Relations (Police Department)
Community Resources (Police Department)
Computer Networks/Comms Policy (Mayor)
Contact The Mayor (Mayor)
Contact Us (-root-)
Continuous Recruitment (Civil Service)
Council Meeting Schedule (City Council)
Council Mtg. Audio (City Council)
Crime Information Report (Police Department)
Crime Links (Police Department)
Crime Scene Investigation (Police Department)

Department Directory (Police Department)
Department Directory (Human Resources)
Department List (-root-)
Dept. History (Police Department)
Detective Bureau (Police Department)
Dispatch Center (Police Department)
Domestic Violence Information (Police Department)
Duties of the Mayor (Mayor)

Emergency Warning Sirens (Engineering)
Employee Directory (Engineering)
Employee Furlough Policy (Mayor)
Employee Internet Policy (Mayor)
Employee Work Rules (Mayor)
Engineering (Engineering)
Event Detail (Calendar)
Executive Order 2009-001 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-003 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-004 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-005 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-006 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-007 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-008 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-009 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-010 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-011 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-012 (Mayor)
Executive Order 2009-014 (Mayor)
Executive Orders (Mayor)
Executive Orders and Policies (Mayor)

F.B.I. Task Force (Police Department)
Financial Impact Recommendation (Mayor)
Find Your Ward (City Council)
Forms and Documents (Forms)
Frank Morris (City Council)

Garrity Warning (Police Department)
Greg Hawk (City Council)

Health and Safety Policy (Mayor)
Homeland Security Policy (Mayor)
Human Resources (Human Resources)

IA Annual Reports (Police Department)
IA Frequently Asked Questions (Police Department)
IA Procedures (Police Department)
Ice Rink Status (-root-)
Impound Lot (Police Department)
Incident Report Inquiry (Police Department)
Internal Affairs (Police Department)
Investigative Division (Police Department)

James Babcock (City Council)
Jason Scaglione (City Council)
Job Application - Instructions (Civil Service)
Jobs - Canton City Schools (Civil Service)
Jobs - City of Canton (Civil Service)
Jobs - Firefighter/Paramedic (Civil Service)
John Mariol II (City Council)
Juvenile Bureau (Police Department)

K-9 Officers (Police Department)
Kevin D. Hall (City Council)

License and Permits Bureau (Police Department)
Licenses and Permits (Engineering)
List Applicants (Civil Service)
List Job Openings (Civil Service)
List Letters (Civil Service)
List of Tests Open (Civil Service)
List Tests (Civil Service)
Log In (Civil Service)
Log Out (Civil Service)

Mayor (Mayor)
Mayor for a Day (Mayor)
Mayor's Scholarship Program (page moved) (Mayor)
Mayor's Staff (Mayor)
Member Directory (City Council)
Merchandise (Merchandise)
Merchandise Handoff to LexisNexis (Merchandise)
Modify (Civil Service)

No Smoking Policy (Mayor)
Notification Form for Police and Fire Tests (Civil Service)

Officer Code of Conduct (Police Department)
Official Biography (Mayor)
On-Street Parking (Engineering)

Parking Decks and Lots (Engineering)
Parking Division (Engineering)
Password-Software-Hardware Pol. (Mayor)
Past Mayors (Mayor)
Permits and Fees (Engineering)
Peter Ferguson (City Council)
Planning & Research (Police Department)
Police (Police Department)
Police Media Contacts (Police Department)
Police Officer (Civil Service)
Police Recruitment Team (Police Department)
Print Letter (Civil Service)
Privacy Policy (-root-)
Proclamation/Event Request (Mayor)
Property & Evidence Section (Police Department)
Public Event Application (Forms)
Public Event List (Forms)
Public Events (Mayor)


Records Bureau (Police Department)
Recruitment (Police Department)
Residents - Neighborhoods (-root-)
Residents - Social Services (-root-)
Robert Fisher (City Council)

S.W.A.T. Team (Police Department)
Scopes (Engineering)
Search (Civil Service)
Search Results (Civil Service)
Severe Weather Policy (Mayor)
Sign & Paint Division (Engineering)
Sign Making (Engineering)
Social Links (-root-)
Sound System Variance (Mayor)
Special Hauling Request (Engineering)
Specific School Requirements (Mayor)
STEP / IDEP RESULTS (Police Department)
Storm Water Education (Engineering)
Storm Water Management (Engineering)

Take Civil Service Test (Civil Service)
Traffic Bureau (Police Department)
Traffic Engineering (Engineering)
Traffic Regulations (Traffic Regulations)
Traffic Signal & Lighting (Engineering)
Traffic/Parking Fine Info (Police Department)
Training Division (Police Department)
Travel Expense Policy (Mayor)
Tree Commission Information (Engineering)
Trees of Strength (Engineering)
TV Commercial 1 (Police Department)

Uniformed Patrol Shifts (Police Department)
US Department of Commerce (Mayor)

Vehicle Policy (Mayor)
Vice Unit (Police Department)
View Applicant (Civil Service)
View BOE Applicant (Civil Service)
View Control (Civil Service)
View Test Results (Civil Service)

William Sherer II (City Council)


Youth Corps Information Page (Police Department)


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