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The Traffic Signal and Lighting Division is responsible for the maintenance of traffic signals and decorative street lights which are located throughout the City.

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To report a problem with a traffic signal or a decorative street light call 330-489-3381.

INTERESTING FACTS:  In the City of Canton, there are:

  • 188 traffic signals,
  • 15 traffic signal flashers,
  • Over 900 decorative street lights, and
  • Over 500 American flags on city poles.  

Our office installs and maintains these flags, as well as the banner that hangs over the street in the 900 block of Market Avenue N.  We also assist the Street Department with the installation of banners throughout the city.

In another of our duties, the Traffic Signal and Lighting Division is responsible for maintaining the outdoor emergency warning siren system (more commonly referred to as the city's "tornado siren"). 
Click here to learn more about the emergency warning siren system.

In addition to its own duties, the division can assist other City departments with work that involves the use of aerial vehicles, such as a bucket ("cherry-picker") or platform lift.

LED Street Lighting Presentation to ASHE (Nov. 15, 2011)

Traffic Signal


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