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Canton History
Canton Memorial Civic Center
Centennial Plaza Project
City Council
Canton City Council Mtg. Agendas
Canton City Council Mtg. Minutes
Council Mtg. Audio
Council Meeting Schedule
Council Meeting Dates
Find Your Ward
Ward Administration
Member Directory
Bill Smuckler
Brenda Kimbrough
Chris Smith
Clerk of Council Office
Committee List
Committees - Admin
Committee Members - Admin
Frank Morris
Greg Hawk
James Babcock
Jason Scaglione
John Mariol II
Kevin D. Hall
Louis P. Giavasis
Peter Ferguson
Robert Fisher
William Sherer II
Online Photo Tour
City Statistics
Coming Soon
Community Events Calendar
Category Maintenance
Event Detail
Contact Page
Contact Us
Department List
Employee List
LN Postback Page
View Payment
Forms and Documents
Public Event Application
Public Event List
Frequently Asked Questions
GDPR test
Ice Rink Status
2014 State of the City Speech
Admin Sound System Variance
Admin Special Hauling
Community Reinvestment Area - Tax Abatement Program
Contact The Mayor
Duties of the Mayor
Employee Recognition Program
Executive Orders
Executive Orders and Policies
Absenteeism Policy
Board and Commission Appt Policy
Cellular Phone Use Policy
Computer Networks/Comms Policy
Employee Furlough Policy
Employee Internet Policy
Employee Work Rules
Executive Order 2009-001
Executive Order 2009-003
Executive Order 2009-004
Executive Order 2009-005
Executive Order 2009-006
Executive Order 2009-007
Executive Order 2009-008
Executive Order 2009-009
Executive Order 2009-010
Executive Order 2009-011
Executive Order 2009-012
Executive Order 2009-014
Health and Safety Policy
Homeland Security Policy
No Smoking Policy
Password-Software-Hardware Pol.
Severe Weather Policy
Travel Expense Policy
Vehicle Policy
Financial Impact Recommendation
Mayor for a Day
Mayor's Office Internship Program
Mayor's Staff
Official Biography
Oversized Load Permit Request
Past Mayors
Public Events
Admin Aerial Banner
Admin Carnival Requeest
Admin Oversized Load Permit
Aerial Banner Request
Carnival Reqistration Request
Sound System Variance
Select USA
Select USA Investor Contact Information
Special Hauling Request
US Department of Commerce
Mayor's Scholarship Program (page moved)
Specific School Requirements
Open Burn
Open Burn Inquiry
Open Burn Record History
Open Burn Request
Privacy Policy
Residents - Neighborhoods
Residents - Social Services
Reverse 911 Sign Up
Site Alerts
Social Links
Test Alerts
Video Tour of Canton
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