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Neighborhood Associations - Growing Stronger Every Year!
More than fifty neighborhood organizations cover all areas of the city and include a wide variety of socioeconomic groups.

Most of these organizations began at the grass roots level to address particular problems in their immediate areas. With organization and training provided by the Stark Community Foundation, they have developed the skills to work together with a common goal of achieving lasting community improvements for the entire City of Canton.

The motto that has been adopted by the neighborhood groups is “You don’t have to move to live in a better neighborhood.” Every year, new groups are formed as more neighborhoods recognize the benefits of organization. Concerned citizens take advantage of free leadership classes provided by the Stark Community Foundation.

Representatives from all the organizations are encouraged to participate monthly in a Neighborhood Leadership Council to share experiences, solutions to problems, and learn about opportunities for neighborhood development. 

Neighborhood Associates Votes Empower (NAVE), a sub-committee, educates residents on city issues and strives to increase voter registration. It also provides a interview forum for political candidates in order to assure an informed citizenry before elections. NAVE visits Canton City Council twice a year and keeps an open line of communication with city administration.

Neighborhood Associations in the City of Canton.


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