Centennial Plaza Project

The City of Canton's Centennial Plaza project is complete!

Centennial Plaza Project Time Lapse Vidieo:

Here is a recentmore information'recent'Usually within the last week or so. picture of the Centennial Plaza project construction site:

Canton Ohio's Centennial Plaza Construction Site Image

The Centennial Plaza project will be completed in time for the Canton/NFL Centennial Celebration.

More information will soon be on this page!

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  • In Google Chrome and Moz://a Firefox:

    1. Go to the CentennialCam
      (Chrome will let you in, Firefox will ask for confirmation twice)
  • In every other browser:

    1. Go to the CentennialCam
    2. Log into the Web Cam with the following:
      User Name: canton
      Password: ohio2019
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