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Police - Media Contacts


Weekdays, major crimes or officer-involved critical incidents:

Police media contact:
Lt. Dennis Garren
(330) 438-4526

For specific crime-related information:

Communications Division
(CANCOM- 911 calls)
Lt. Les Marino

(330) 438-4434


Uniform Patrol Division 
Captain David Kurzinsky
(330) 438-4450



Administrative Division 
Captain John Gabbard

(330) 438-4443



Investigative Division

Captain Dave Davis

(330) 438-4435




If you call any of the Media Contacts after hours or on a weekend, please leave deadline information and every effort will be made to return your call promptly. However, the on-duty Shift Commander is a reporter’s best bet for information on breaking crimes nights, weekends and holidays.

Nights, weekend or holidays, your best media contact is:


Patrol Shift Commander

Canton Police Patrol Division

(330) 438-4449

A note about  what the Shift Commander can give you:  The Shift Commander is able to provide basic information on breaking crimes. If you call a Shift Commander immediately after a report goes out over the radio, he or she will likely have no more info than you do. It may be at least 30 minutes after a call that details are available for release.  Shift Commanders are in the patrol division and not briefed on cases that involve detectives or ongoing investigations (different divisions – different jobs). If you’d like a weekend or evening follow up on an ongoing investigation, please plan ahead and get the info from the Investigative Division during weekday business hours.

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