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Police Department - Traffic Coordinator

Lt. Mark Kandel, Commanding Officer 



The Traffic Coordinator is responsible for regulation of traffic flow, traffic safety, parking control, traffic enforcement, accident investigations, accident prevention and the daily operation of the City Impound Lot. The flow of traffic pertains to the supervision and control of traffic involving special events such as parades, street festivals, athletic functions, or any other function which may create a traffic problem.

The Traffic Coordinator serves several functions:

  • Enforcement of all state statutes and city ordinances pertaining to traffic movement (vehicular and pedestrian)
  • Parking of motor vehicles
  • Investigation of accidents, which includes the detection of the causative factors of the accident.

In order to accomplish these functions with greatest efficiency, the Traffic Coordinator maintains records to evaluate the effects of enforcement as it pertains to traffic.

In the investigation of accidents, the proper reports are taken so that the prosecution of the traffic violators is accomplished and the innocent victim is protected.

The Traffic Coordinator also advises the public of any amendments or new laws or ordinances pertaining to traffic and also takes the required action in positioning proper traffic signs and enforcement procedures.

To contact the Traffic Coordinator, call the department's main line at (330) 489-3100.


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