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City of Canton
Employee Furlough Policy

Section 1.    This policy applies to those employees under the Mayor’s authority and is subject to Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) and/or Civil Service laws.

Section 2.    A Furlough may be granted on any given work day subject to the following conditions:

a.      Employees do not have to use all paid leave (vacation, compensatory time, personal holiday, perfect attendance bonus days, etc.) before a Furlough may be granted.

b.    An Employee must complete a Time Off Request form and check the “Other” box and indicate “Furlough”.

b.     The Department Head must approve all Furlough requests.

c. Employees are not eligible for overtime when off work due to a granted Furlough.

d.      Use of a Furlough shall not create a need for overtime.

Section 3.    Any Furlough request will be considered under the rules and regulations of the City of Canton, the Ordinances of the City of Canton, Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) and Civil Service laws.


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