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City of Canton
Absenteeism Policy

Section 1.     This policy applies to those employees under the Mayor’s authority who are not under Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) or in the Classified Civil Service.  As such, incident of absence is any day, consecutive days or part of a day (two hours or more) that an employee is not at work other than personal day, holiday, vacation, compensatory time, jury duty, court appearance (if subpoenaed), approved leave of absence, injury leave, pre-approved absence of one (1) day or less due to a doctor’s appointment, bereavement leave (including that which is charged to Sick Leave) or hospitalization.

Section 2.     A Pre-arranged absence of one (1) day or less for doctor’s or dentist appointments will not be charged as an absence providing the employee supplied documentation to support the appointment or visit pursuant to the Time Off Request form.

Section 3.    Subject to the qualifications of Chapter 151 of the City of Canton Codified Ordinances governing Vacation and Personal Holiday, employees may use Vacations or Personal Holiday in lieu of Sick Time.

Section 4.     Employees must provide a Physician’s Certification for any absence extending for four (4) or more scheduled workdays.

Section 5.    Employees shall be disciplined for the respective number of incidents of absenteeism that occur within a 12-month rolling calendar in accordance with the following schedule:

Six (6) incidents    =    counsel the employee (document the session)
Seven (7) incidents    =    verbal warning (document the session)
Eight (8) incidents    =    written warning
Nine (9) incidents    =    one (1) day penalty with 80% of wages
Ten (10) incidents    =    five (5) day penalty with 70% of wages
Eleven (11) incidents    =    twenty (20) day suspension
Twelve (12) incidents    =    termination

Section 6.    Pattern of abuse shall constitute grounds for discipline, apart from and/or in addition to the incident scale.  Pattern of abuse consists of, but is not limited to, absenteeism as evidenced by a frequency or pattern contiguous with or related to holidays, weekends, paydays or other discernible events such as, but not limited to consistent or regular use of available Sick Leave.

Section 7.    A copy of all discipline involving six (6) incidents or more shall be provided to the Office of the Mayor and filed in the employee’s personnel file in the Department of Human Resources.


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