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City of Canton
No Smoking Policy

Section 1.      Pursuant to Chapter 1727 Clean Indoor Air and pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3794, the City of Canton shall be a smoke-free facility. 

Section 2.    No City employee shall smoke in any area not designated for such activity including City-owned vehicles.

Section 3.    Signs shall be posted in all entrances of all City buildings indicating that smoking is prohibited.

Section 4.    The Building Maintenance Department shall monitor all City buildings to ensure that any and all ashtrays and smoking receptacles are removed and not installed in any inside area of any City building, including, but not limited to restrooms, garages, etc.

Section 5.    The Building Maintenance Department shall maintain the installation of all signs and posting in the designated areas.

Section 6.    Pursuant to 1727.99 of the City of Canton Codified Ordinances, incorporated herein by reference:
(a)    No person shall smoke or possess lighted smoking material in any restricted area.

(b)    Whoever violates any provision of the City ordinance or this policy is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

(c)    Each day on which a violation of any provision of this chapter occurs is a
separate and distinct offense and shall be punishable as such.


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