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City of Canton
Homeland Security Anti-Terrorism Policy

Section 1.      Purpose

A.    The State of Ohio has enacted a statute that prohibits public employees from being hired that provide material assistance to a terrorist organization.  It is known as the Declaration regarding Material Assistance/Non-Assistance to a Terrorist Organization (DMA). DMA is a provision of Ohio Senate Bill 9, which is Ohio’s Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism legislation.  It was created to provide the State with an additional tool to deter and prosecute acts of terrorism within the State of Ohio.  The City of Canton shall follow the directives provided by the DMA.

Section 2.    Definitions

A.    Material Assistance is defined by the statute as any of the following:

  1. Membership in an organization listed on the U.S. State Department’s Terrorist Exclusion List (TEL).
  2. Use of the person’s position of prominence within any country to persuade others to support an organization on the TEL.
  3. Knowingly soliciting funds or other things of value for an organization on the TEL.
  4. Solicitation of any individual for membership in an organization on the TEL.
  5. Commission of an act that a person knows, or reasonably should have known, affords material support or resources to an organization on the TEL.
  6. Hiring or compensating a person known by the person hiring or providing compensation to be engaged in planning, assisting in, or carrying out an act of terrorism.

B. The TEL is maintained by the United States Department of State.  The TEL includes foreign organizations known to support and/or engage in acts of terrorism.  The list includes, but is not limited to the following:

Ohio Department of Public Safety / Ohio Homeland Security
U.S. Department of State Terrorist Exclusion List
Terrorist Exclusion List Designees (alphabetical listing)

• Afghan Support Committee (a.k.a. Ahya ul Turas; a.k.a. Jamiat Ayat-ur-Rhas al Islamia; a.k.a. Jamiat Ihya ul Turath al Islamia; a.k.a. Lajnat el Masa Eidatul Afghania)
• Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Company Ltd. (f.k.a. Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry; f.k.a. Al Taqwa Trade, Property and Industry Establishment; f.k.a. Himmat Establishment; a.k.a. Waldenberg, AG)
• Al-Hamati Sweets Bakeries
• Al-lttihad al-lslami (AIAI)
• Al-Manar
• Al-Ma’unah
• Al-Nur Honey Center
• Al-Rashid Trust
• Al-Shifa Honey Press for Industry and Commerce
• Al-Wafa al-lgatha al-lslamia (a.k.a. Wafa Humanitarian Organization; a.k.a. Al Wafa;
a.k.a. Al Wafa Organization)
• Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB)
• Anarchist Faction for Overthrow
• Army for the Liberation of Rwanda (ALIR) (a.k.a. Interahamwe, Former Armed Forces
• Asbat al-Ansar
• Babbar Khalsa International
• Bank Al Taqwa Ltd. (a.k.a. Al Taqwa Bank; a.k.a. Bank Al Taqwa)
• Black Star
• Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (a.k.a. CPN(M); a.k.a. the United Revolutionary
People’s Council, a.k.a. the People’s Liberation Army of Nepal)
• Continuity Irish Republican Army (CIRA) (a.k.a. Continuity Army Council)
• Darkazanli Company
• Dhamat Houmet Daawa Salafia (a.k.a. Group Protectors of Salafist Preaching; a.k.a.
Houmat Ed Daawa Es Salifiya; a.k.a. Katibat El Ahoual; a.k.a. Protectors of the Salafist
Predication; a.k.a. El-Ahoual Battalion; a.k.a. Katibat El Ahouel; a.k.a. Houmate Ed-
Daawa Es-Salafia; a.k.a. the Horror Squadron; a.k.a. Djamaat Houmat Eddawa
Essalafia; a.k.a. Djamaatt Houmat Ed Daawa Es Salafiya; a.k.a. Salafist Call Protectors;
a.k.a. Djamaat Houmat Ed Daawa Es Salafiya; a.k.a. Houmate el Da’awaa es-Salafiyya;
a.k.a. Protectors of the Salafist Call; a.k.a. Houmat ed-Daaoua es-Salafia; a.k.a. Group of
Supporters of the Salafiste Trend; a.k.a. Group of Supporters of the Salafist Trend)
• Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (a.k.a. Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party; a.k.a. ETIM; a.k.a. ETIP)
• First of October Antifascist Resistance Group (GRAPO) (a.k.a. Grupo de Resistencia
Anti-Fascista Premero De Octubre)
• Harakat ul Jihad © Islami (HUJI)
• International Sikh Youth Federation
• Islamic Army of Aden
• Islamic Renewal and Reform Organization
• Jamiat al-Ta’awun al-lslamiyya
• Jamiat ul-Mujahideen (JUM)
• Japanese Red Army (JRA)
• Jaysh-e-Mohammed
• Jayshullah
• Jerusalem Warriors
• Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LET) (a.k.a. Army of the Righteous)
• Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
• Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF)
• Makhtab al-Khidmat
• Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (a.k.a. GICM; a.k.a. Groupe Islamique Combattant
• Nada Management Organization (f.k.a. AI Taqwa Management Organization SA)
• New People’s Army (NPA)
• Orange Volunteers (OV)
• People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD)
• Red Brigades-Combatant Communist Party (BR-PCC)
• Red Hand Defenders (RHD)
• Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (Pakistan and Afghanistan offices — Kuwait office not designated) (a.k.a. Jamia Ihya ul Turath; a.k.a. Jamiat Ihia AI- Turath Al-lslamiya; a.k.a. Revival of Islamic Society Heritage on the African Continent)
• Revolutionary Proletarian Nucleus
• Revolutionary United Front (RUF)
• Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC)
• The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF)
• The Islamic International Brigade (a.k.a. International Battalion, a.k.a. Islamic
Peacekeeping International Brigade, a.k.a. Peacekeeping Battalion, a.k.a. The
International Brigade, a.k.a. The Islamic Peacekeeping Army, a.k.a. The Islamic
Peacekeeping Brigade)
• The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)
• The Pentagon Gang
• The Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion of Chechen Martyrs
(a.k.a. Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion, a.k.a. Riyadh-as-
Saliheen, a.k.a. the Sabotage and Military Surveillance Group of the Riyadh al-Salihin
Martyrs, a.k.a. Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion of Shahids
• The Special Purpose Islamic Regiment (a.k.a. the Islamic Special Purpose Regiment,
a.k.a. the al-Jihad-Fisi-Sabililah Special Islamic Regiment, a.k.a. Islamic Regiment of
Special Meaning)
• Tunisian Combat Group (a.k.a, GCT, a.k.a. Groupe Combattant Tunisien, a.k.a. Jama’a
• Combattante Tunisien, a.k.a. JCT; a.k.a. Tunisian Combatant Group)
• Turkish Hizballah
• Ulster Defense Association (a.k.a. Ulster Freedom Fighters)
• Ummah Tameer E-Nau (UTN) (a.k.a. Foundation for Construction; a.k.a. Nation Building; a.k.a. Reconstruction Foundation; a.k.a. Reconstruction of the Islamic Community; a.k.a. Reconstruction of the Muslim Ummah; a.k.a. Ummah Tameer I-Nau; a.k.a. Ummah Tameer E-Nau; a.k.a. Ummah Tameer-I-Pau)
• Youssef M. Nada & Co. Gesellschaft M.B.H.

The TEL can also be found at:

C.    Material Support or Resources is defined by the statute as currency, payment instruments (check, draft, money order, travelers check, cashier’s check, teller’s check), other financial securities, funds, transfer of funds, financial services, communications, lodging, training, safe houses, false documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel, transportation, and/or other physical assets except medicine or religious materials.

Section 3. Employment Provision
A prospective employee who provides a positive response “yes” to any question on the questionnaire or failing to answer “no” to any question) shall not be employed.

Section 4.  Notification
The Department of Human Resources shall also notify the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Division of Homeland security that the prospective employee has been denied employment due to a positive response on the DMA.

Section 5.  Penalties
Refusing to disclose the provision of material assistance once it has been provided or making a false statement on the DMA is a felony of the fifth degree. Furthermore, any applicant that provides false disclosure is further permanently banned from conducting business with or seeking funding from any state agency, instrumentality of the state, or political subdivision of the state.

Section 6.  Termination
Any employee who takes any action that would result in a positive response on the DMA if it were to be administered again may be terminated according to the respective Collective Bargaining Agreements, Division C of Ohio Revised Code 124.34, or Division B of Ohio Revised Code 124.34. 



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