Mayor for a Day Essay Contest

Third grade students at Belden School recently competed in a "Mayor for a Day" essay contest in which they all wrote about what they would do if they could be Mayor of Canton for one day. 

The prize for winning entries was the opportunity to meet Mayor Healy and join him for an afternoon as he conducts the business of the City.

Contest winners Me'kyla and Amber (pictured below) wrote the winning essays for this year's competition, and served their terms with distinction on December 2. 

Me'kyla and Amber both helped change the City's Web site, took a tour of the Canton Police Department, and visited a Canton Fire Station to learn more about the City.  Pizza for lunch and a day away from school were just some of the many highlights enjoyed by Mayor Me'kyla and Mayor Amber!


Me'Kyla and Amber - Mayors for a Day!

Essay Winner:  Me'kyla (right)

If I were mayor for a day, I would help the poor.  They need many things.  This would be a fine, fine, city, if I did this. First, I would make me mayor forever because I am a good person.  Next, I would improve the safety of our city and help nursing homes.  Nursing homes need the money. I would also help the poor by volunteering at a soup kitchen. Finally, I would make a waterpark that is both indoor and outdoor because it might be hot outside and cooler inside.  If I were mayor for a day, Canton would be a fine, fine place.

Essay Winner:  Amber (left)

I would like to be mayor for the day because I think being mayor would be fun.  I would go see kids at different schools and tell them what it is like to be mayor of Canton.  I would donate food, clothing, and money to the families in need.  I would enforce new laws.  Finally, I would increase college funds and donate school supplies to local schools.

For more photos from their fun-filled day, click here!

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