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Office of Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei

Thank you for visiting the Official Web site of Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei of Canton. Here, you can find out information about the Mayor, his Cabinet, and what's new in city government.



• 06-06-2018 - City of Canton Water Department Launches Paperless Billing Program - HTML | PDFpdf
• 05-26-2017 - City of Canton Passes Comprehensive Licensing System for Medical Marijuana Entities - HTML | PDFpdf
• 11-29-2016 - Downtown Canton Ice Rink To Open After Seven Year Hiatus - HTML | PDFpdf
• 03-16-2016 - Advanced Dewatering, LLC receives Mayor's Environmental Quality Control Award - HTML | PDFpdf
• 12-30-2015 - Inauguration of Mayor-Elect Thomas M. Bernabei - HTML | PDFpdf

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