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Civil Service Commission

Monty A. Pender, Chairperson
Scott N. Warner, Member
Carlene M. Harmon, Member
Mariella Mestel, Secretary

Mission Statement
The Civil Service Commission provide strategies and actions for effective recruiting and testing, and when necessary objective, neutral, and fair personnel decisions.  The Commission's policies are founded upon the principles of equal pay for equal work, opportunity ability based employment and promotion and freedom from political influence.  Civil Service strives to make the City of Canton the employer of choice for career success.

The Canton Civil Service Commission is created by Ohio Revised Code, Section 124. They are appointed by the Mayor to enforce the rules of Section 124 for classified positions in the City of Canton, the Canton Board of Education and the Canton Health Department.

Their jurisdiction covers all appointments, promotions, removals, transfers, layoffs, suspensions, pay reductions, and reinstatements for these classified positions.  They are also responsible for standardizing those positions and maintaining efficiency in the employment practices of the City.

The City of Canton is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).



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