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Civil Service - Welcome!

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The Canton Civil Service Commission is responsible for administering tests to all classified union and non-union employees for the City of Canton.  From desk clerks to sanitation workers to project managers, nearly all employees within Canton city government got their start by taking a test administered by the Canton Civil Service Commission.

If I want a job with the city, what do I have to do?

To receive city employment in a classified non-union or union position, you must first take a Civil Service Test.  All tests are job-specific and offered at different times.  To register to take a specific examination, please file an application with the Civil Service Office, and we will mail you notification regarding test times and dates.

Where are the tests given?

Canton Civil Service examinations are given on pre-determined dates and may be given at various locations including the 3rd floor of Canton City Hall.  You can find out when the next testing date is, both for general testing and for specialized positions, by calling the Civil Service office at (330) 489-336
0.  Some large tests, like the police and fire tests, are given in alternate locations to accomodate large numbers of test takers.  If this is the case, the location will be posted on this Web site.

Are all jobs within the City considered classified?

No - there are roughly thirty management and clerical positions within city government that are considered "unclassified" positions.  These positions are appointed directly by the Mayor.  To apply for a management position, you should speak directly with the Mayor's office by calling (330) 438-4307.

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