CMS Training

Training is now being offered in two different formats:

  1. In person in the 6th Floor Conference Room.
  2. Remotely via Microsoft Teams online, if you cannot get away from the office, or if you are not comfortable meeting in person for up to 4 hours in the conference room.

6th floor conference room

NOTE: In September of 2019, the City's Web Site moved to a different, online hosted Content Management System (CMS) solution, CivicPlus. Training on the previous legacy CMS only takes place by special request.

Are you a City employee who needs to learn how to edit the City's Web Site? Then you need to know how to work with the Content Management System (CMS) that serves up the City's Web Site.

CMS Training is done by request (you need permission from your department head or a supervisor with the authority). Contact (extension #6110) or (extension #6108) to schedule training.

A training class usually takes about 3 to 4 hours.

Prior to training on the CivicPlus CivicEngage CMS you will receive an email from CivicPlus so that you will be able to finish setting up your user account--and create a password--for editing the website. That email is not SPAM or a malicious phishing attempt, it is a valid email. Please follow the instructions on the email to complete the setup of you user account.

Downloadable Training Outlines:
CivicPlus' CivicEngage CMS Training Outline (PDF)
Old Legacy CMS Training Outline (PDF).

There are 2 training options: Online (kind of like a virtual classroom), and In Person.

  • Online (Remote):
    This option is best for those who cannot get away from the office for up to 4 hours.
    We use Microsoft Teams for online training. You will receive an email with a link and information in it.
    Remote Online training is easier if you have 2 or more monitors attached to your computer,
    a microphone is required,
    a headset/headphones/earbuds is/are recommended (so we don't bother everyone in your area, or get audio feedback if multiple people in your area are taking the class at the same time),
    a web cam is recommended (but not required).
    We realize that you may be interrupted while in training at your desk, please try to keep interruptions to a minimum.
  • In Person:
    The Information Technology (IT) Department is located on the 6th Floor in the Canton City Hall (Google Map). Training will take place in the 6th Floor Conference Room and must be scheduled in advance to help assure there are no conflicts.
    If you have access to a City provided laptop, it would be best if you could bring it to training and let us know before training to make setting up the room easier.
    6th Floor

Days and Times for Classes:

  • Scheduling is based on 6th Floor Conference Room availability, and the schedules of everyone involved.
  • George (the legacy CMS and CivicPlus CMS): non-holiday weekdays.
  • Kim (CivicPlus CMS): non-holiday weekdays.
  • Morning class (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM),
    or Afternoon class (12:30 PM to 4:30 PM)

The start and end times are slightly flexible. It is not unusual for the class to end early if we get through the material quickly.

When we do the CMS Training at City Hall's 6th Floor Conference Room it helps the users be able to focus easier (users tend to get interrupted or distracted at their desks).

When we do the CMS Training on Microsoft Teams it can be more comfortable for the users and easier to schedule.

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