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This page contains links to forms that can be printed, or filled in online. For more information regarding each form or document, please visit each department by clicking on the name of the section.


City Engineering

Canton Bike and Hike Trails

 Stark County Bike and Hike Trails

Civil Engineering

Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Program Informational Letter

 Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Program Specifications

 Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Program Application

 Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Program Contract

 Storm Water Management Manual

 Storm Water Detention Flowchart

 NPDES General Permit Flowchart

 Residential Site Plan Drainage Review

 Summary of Storm Water Management Requirements

 Storm Water Management Ordinance

 2010 Annual Report

 2011 Annual Report

 Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

 NPDES Storm Water Management Program Phase II

Fair Housing

Fair Housing Information

 CHAPTER 515 Canton Fair Housing Code

 Domestic Violence Fair Housing Final

 FAQ Eviction

 Importance of Fair Housing for Fair Housing web

 Rent Escrow Process

 Disabilities Fair Housing pamphlet

 FAQ Landlord Tenant

 LL-Tenant Obligations


Compliance Information

 2014 MBE/WBE Application

 Fair Housing Information

Standard Construction Drawings

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Traffic Signal & Lighting

ASHE november 2011 Presentation

 Traffic Camera Postcard

Civil Service

 Canton City School Application

 Cafeteria Cook

 Cafeteria Manager

 Continuous Recruitment Application

 Boiler and HVAC


 General Labor

 Heavy Duty Auto Mechanic

 Light Duty Auto Mechanic

 Staff Sanitation

 Utility Operator

 Waste Collector

 Firefighter/Paramedic Job and Testing Details

 Firefighter/Paramedic Agreement and Release

 Firefighter/Paramedic Application Information

 Firefighter/Paramedic Preliminary Application

 Firefighter/Paramedic  Certification and Waiver of Liability

 Firefighter/Paramedic Skills Assessment

 Map to Stark State

 Police Job and Testing Details

 Police Application Information

 Police Preliminary Application

 Police Agreement and Release

 Police Agility Information


Collection Systems

 2013 Final Report

 Backwater Response Program Application

 Backwater Response Program Terms and Conditions

 Backwater Valve Installation Agreement

 Backwater Response Program Questionnaire


Health Department

Mission Statement

 Bite Exposure Form

 Rabies Compendium

 Rabies Prevention Information

 Stark County Phase One Analysis

 Stark County Health Study Commission Final Report

 Tick Pamphlet



Canton Bike Trails

 Middlebranch Trail

 Mother Gooseland Master Plan

 Parks Survey

 Public Event Request (Submit online: Public Event Application)

 West Branch Trail





 Recycling Flyer

 Recycling Insert Letter

 Recycling Postcard

 Recycling Poster




 Ban Litter



 Water Quality Report

 Auto Payment Plan

 Card Reading


 Hydrant Connections

 Master Billing

 Multiple-Unit Household Sanitation Affidavit

 Single-Unit Household Sanitation Affidavit

 Application to Turn On/Off Water

 Water Service Contract

 Backflow Regulation

 Backflow Main Water Extension

 Backflow New Water Services

 Backflow Test Form

 Backflow Water Dispensing System

 Backflow Water Standard Drawings


Water Reclamation

 Administrative Penalty Schedule

 Baseling Monitoring Report

 Enforcement Response Plan

 Major Changes Coming to WRF

 SMR Guidance Manual



2013 CAPER

 2014 Consolidated Plan

 Community Assessment Survey

 Community Profile Information

 Forclosure Program Information

 Housing Program Information

 RTI Identified Areas

 RTI Project Summary

 Safe Neighborhood Awards

 Gibbs Gateway Project

 Lathrop and Sherrick Road Project

 Neighborhood Workbook

 Renaissance Neighborhoods of the NE

 Summit and Westpark Project

 Three Future Challenges

 Tuscarawas East End Project

 Furnance Program Application

 Furnance Program Fact Sheet

 Homeowner Rehab Program Fact Sheet

 Repair and Maintenance Fact Sheet

 2014 CDBG

 2014 Notice of Funding Available

 Emergency Solutions Grant Application

 HOME Request for Proposal

 Neighborhood Revitalization Request for Project Proposal

 Neighborhood Revitalization Request for Qualifications

 Neighborhood Revitalization Stragy Areas Plan


Public Safety

Aerial Banner Request, Aerial Banner Request (online)

 Fire Recruitment Postcard

 Neighborhood Agreement - Block Party

 Public Event Request

 Carnival Request, Carnival Reqistration Request (online)

 Senior Citizen Safety

 Special Hauling Permit, Special Hauling Request (online) Approved Truck Routes



Auxiliary Information

 Citizens Police Academy

 Crime Information Report

 Crime Prevention Manual

 Recruitment Postcard

 Youth Corps Application

 Internal Affairs Complaint Procedure

 Internal Affairs Garrity Warning

 Internal Affairs Policies and Procedures


Building Code

Foreclosure Bond Form

Release of Balance Form

Vacant Foreclosure Form

1353 Ordinance

 Design Guidelines

 Zone Map

 New Contractor Registration Checklist

 New Contractor Registration

 New Journeyman Registration

 Sign Business Application

 Architectural Review Board Application

 Architectural Review Board Checklist

 Board of Zoning Appeals

 Bond Form

 Commercial Building Permit

 Commercial Electric Permit

 Commercial HVAC Permit

 Commercial HVAC-R Permit

 Commercial Plan Review Application

 Commercial Plan Review Checklist

 Commercial Plumbing Permit

 Fire Permit Application

 Property Maintenance Appeal

 Registration of Non-Owner Occupied Unit(s)

 Residential Building Permit

 Residential Deck Permit Application

 Residential Electrical Permit

 Residential Plan Submittal

 Residential Fence Permit Application

 Residential HVAC Permit

 Residential Plan Application

 Residential Plumbing Permit

 Residential Shed Permit Application

 Registration of Vacant Residential Buildings

 Tenant Housing Complaint

 Zoning Application Permit



2014 State of the City Slideshow

 2014 State of the City Speech

 Boards and Commissions

City of Canton Flyer

 City of Canton Powerpoint

 Event Attendance Request

 Mayor Bernabei Biography

 Proclamation Request (Submit online: Proclamation/Event Request)

 Welcome to Canton

 SelectUSA Canton Projects

 Young Inventor Challenge

 Employee Recognition Program

 Employee Recognition Instructions

 Employee of the Month Form

 Director of the Month Form

 City of Canton Scholarship Application

 Akron Additional Requirements

 Bowling Green Additional Requirements

 Brown Mackie Additional Requirements

 Kent Stark Additional Requirements

 Malone Additional Requirements

 Miami Additional Requirements

 Mount Union Additional Requirements

 National College Additional Requirements

 Ohio Technical College Additional Requirements

 Pepperdine Additional Requirements

 Stark State Additional Requirements

 Texas Southern Additional Requirements

 Walsh Requirements

City Council

Committee Meetings

 Council Rules

 Standing Committees

 Ward Map



2012 Appropriations

 2012 Debt Schedule

 2013 Certificate and Appropriations

 Certificate of Estimated Resources

 Description of Funds

 General Funds Revenue

 Year to Date Cash Balance

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