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Canton Fire Department's Own Captain Friedmann Honored with K of C 'Blue Coat' award


PHOTO: Captain Rick Sacco, Captain Ray Friedmann, Chief Tom Garra, Captain Charlie Day
Captain Ray Friedmann of the City of Canton's Fire Department awarded the Knights of Columbus 'Blue Coat' award.

By Fire Department
Released/Published: Apr 2, 2017

For the past thirteen years, Canton's Knights of Columbus Council #341 has been having a Mass on St. Patrick's Day to honor the Safety Forces of Canton. This Mass honors the local Safety Forces,

This year, 2017, Captain Raymond Friedmann was truly honored to receive the prestigious "Blue Coat" award from the Knights of Columbus.

Captain Friedmann's history that helped him to receive this award is:

  • Appointed to the Canton Fire Department on March 12, 1979
  • Served as a Firefighter/Paramedic on First Battalion
  • Promoted to the rank of Captain on September 18, 1993 and assigned to Station #2 on First Battalion
  • November 1993, assigned to staff as the EMS Coordinator
  • Currently assigned as Safety Officer for 3rd Battalion
  • Advised the Chief on all things EMS related
  • Assigned to supervise the EMS billing and collection for the department
  • Liaison to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Committees at the Chamber as EMS liaison
  • Worked with the Chief to bring a unified communications between Canton Fire, Canton Police, Stark County Sheriff, and neighboring EMS departments for large events in the [City of Canton]
  • Department's liaison to Stark County Medical Control Board
  • Worked with the Medical Control Board on the testing and implementation of CPAP in the field and EKG transmissions to the hospitals
  • A member of the Department's Safety Committee
  • Program Coordinator for the Department's EMS continuing education
  • Participated in the Emergency Hospital Planning Committee
  • Appointed to two State EMS committees: The EMS Incident Reporting System, and EMS Homeland Security Committee

Truly Captain Friedmann's career is quite distinguished. The City of Canton, it's Fire Department, and it's citizens can feel pride in Captain Ray Friedmenn's history and his accomplishment in winning this award.

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