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Diagonal Parking Spaces

On-street parking spaces in downtown Canton consist of both the traditional parallel spaces as well as diagonal spaces.  The main reason for the diagonal parking is that it provides more parking spots for downtown visitors.  Secondary benefits include traffic calming and many people like the ambience that is created.  Diagonal spaces are enforced similarly to parallel spaces.  The only difference is the layout and orientation of the spaces.  The diagonal spaces are "back-in" spots; a driver must back into the spot to park and pull out to leave.  The diagonal parking was implemented in this was for safety reasons.  Although it may be more difficult to back into a spot than to pull in, it is far safer to pull out into the travel lane when leaving than to back into the lane. 

 Diagonal Parking
Diagonal Parking Spaces In Downtown Canton

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Parking Meters

There are approximately 700 parking meters in downtown Canton. Time allotment includes mainly 2 hour and 10 hour meters with 20 minute meters in specific locations.

The rate for short-term meters (2 hour or less) is 75 cents per hour and the rate for long-term meters (10 hour) is 25 cents per hour.  Parking meters only accept U.S. coins (nickels, dimes and quarters), they do not give change, and they do not store time - for example, two hour parking at a two hour meter costs $1.50. Depositing extra coins will not prolong the time. The meter will expire after two hours.

All metered parking spaces have white lines on the street representing the parking zone for each meter. Persons parking outside of a Marked Meter Zone are in violation of a parking ordinance and subject to receive a parking violation.

Parking Meter

If you have experienced a problem with a parking meter and believe it to be operating incorrectly, you should contact the Parking Enforcement Bureau at 330-438-4510.

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Parking Violations and Tickets


  • $10.00 for expired meter, meter extending time, parking in excess of permitted time

  • $10.00 for no parking/peak hour, blocking traffic, street sweeping, emergency snow ban, commercial loading zone, bus or taxi zone, over 12" from curb, fire lane, blocking driveway, etc.

  • $30.00 for license plates: none, illegal, expired.

  • $250.00 for handicapped zone.

Please Note:

  • If ticket is paid within 72 hours from date of issuance, not including holidays and weekends, the regular fine contained on the ticket will prevail.

  • If ticket is paid after 72 hours from the date of issuance, not including holidays and weekends, the prevailing fine shall be the regular amount plus five dollars (+ $5.00).

  • Failure to pay fines may result in the towing and impounding of your vehicle at your expense.

  • In all instances of violations payments, such payments shall constitute a waiver of jurisdiction.

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Payment of Fines

Parking tickets may be paid:

  • in person at the Arthur J. Cirelli Service Center, 626 30th Street NW, by money order, certified check or cash during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
  • by money order or check at the 24 hour drop-off box at the Cirelli Service Center, 626 - 30th Street NW
  • by check or money order at the drop-off box on the main lobby of Canton City Hall, 218 Cleveland Avenue SW, weekdays, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
    Note: For Drop Box Payments - only checks or money orders are acceptable. Do not deposit cash.

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Tow List

A vehicle with three (3) or more unpaid parking tickets or $50.00 in unpaid parking fines within the previous 36 month period is subject to the impoundment of their vehicle.

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