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About Us

The Traffic Sign and Paint Division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic signs and pavement makings throughout the City.

There are approximately 120 street miles of pavement markings in the City.  The division is responsible for maintaining of existing markings, as well as installing new markings on repaved streets.  Our office has the capability to install paint, preformed thermoplastic, and extruded thermoplastic pavement markings. 

In addition to our road marking responsibilities, we are also in charge of all road and street signs within City limits.  There are approximately 19,000 traffic signs in the City which are maintained by the division.  Most street signs are created in-house in the sign shop (
see photos).  The division also makes non-street related signs and decals for other City departments, including information signs and for City buildings and door badges for City vehicles and police vehicles.

To report a damaged or missing sign call 330-489-3067 or email at .

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